Owen & Ewing Insurance

Insurance broker Owen & Ewing has been arranging personal and commercial insurance for clients since 1973.

The company decided to look for an accountancy firm that could help it keep up with changing Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations ten years ago and has worked with Haworths ever since.

Explains director of Owen & Ewing, Max Robinson: “When the FSA was established in 2004, we knew that we’d need a firm of accountants that could help us keep up to speed with our obligations.

“I had worked with Haworths in a previous role and knew that the company would not only meet that requirement but would also be proactive in alerting us to what we needed to know and would communicate in a way we’d understand.”

More than a decade later, the FSA is now the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), but Haworths’ advice is just as invaluable to Owen & Ewing as ever, ensuring that the company is constantly up-to-date with regulations.

Haworths has also been involved in major landmarks in the company’s development too, including succession planning.

Max continues: “When two of the three partners in the company retired in 2010 to be replaced by two new ones, Haworths helped us to manage the financial implications of the change.

“A year later, the company was incorporated and Haworths helped us navigate through that process too, ensuring that all the financial requirements were covered so that we could concentrate of continuing to grow the business.”