Value for money

Haworths Directors Mark Schofield and Paul Spencer take running their business seriously, and as a Director led firm are active every single hour of the day working closely with client projects and in the business making it grow and prosper.

“We are an SME ourselves, so we know what it is like at first hand to run a busy growing business, taking time out of the day to day ‘operations’ and spending time developing plans to drive the business forward, and more importantly making them happen, is a skill we have learned over the years.” says Paul Spencer. “We have modelled our business to be as lean and efficient as possible and to view what we do how we do it from our client’s perspective. Would it be good enough for us? Is a question we ask ourselves with all the services we provide.”

Mark adds “Haworths business has been modelled to provide what our clients ask us for, and have over the years, come to expect from us: Quite simply to be really good at what we do, but not to charge the earth. We have city practice capability and staff, and an intuitive business perspective but at a regional pricing structure that represents true value for money. Our business has surrounded itself with really great professionals, many recruited from city centre firms who prefer to work in a smaller practice where the potential for them, and their development are greater, and where there is an opportunity to get really involved with clients and make a difference to North West based businesses.” 

Additionally, over the years the Directors have developed a network of highly skilled contacts all of who operate in the region, so know and understand the local business environment: Specialists from banking, business restructuring, business development consultancies, insolvency, corporate finance, grant funding, legal professionals and HR. “Key to our relationship with our client here is knowing when our expertise is lacking, and when to refer in a specialist, from our network. We match our client’s requirements with the appropriate contact ensuring that they will provide sound and practical advice at the best value for money.” Adds Mark.